Adolescent Safeguarding in London: a handbook for collaboration



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Briefing September 2022

Adolescent Safeguarding in London is a practice handbook for everyone who works to build safety with young Londoners facing different types of harm in their lives. The handbook has been written with two audiences in mind: 

What are the key themes?

This handbook:

How is the handbook structured?

The guidance begins with a glossary of terms, nine principles for adolescent safeguarding in London, and a framework for practice to support collaboration across sectors and disciplines.

Each of the five parts that follow may be useful at different times for different professionals, connected by the common aim of safeguarding young Londoners.


About the author

Colin Michel has worked in children and young people’s services for 18 years as manager, facilitator, and consultant in the voluntary and public sectors. Colin has spent the last five years working alongside local partnerships to support their development of adolescent safeguarding strategies. In 2018, Colin edited Safeguarding Adolescents: A Practice Guide for Waltham Forest Safeguarding Children Partnership and has expanded and updated that work to create Adolescent Safeguarding in London on behalf of the London Adolescent Safeguarding Oversight Board.