About Us

The London Innovation and Improvement Alliance (LIIA) is the Association of London Directors of Children’s Service (ALDCS) sector-led improvement partnership and is hosted by London Councils. LIIA exists to:

  • Improve the outcomes and experience of children and young people in London;
  • Provide a structure to enable children’s services in London to benchmark their performance; 
  • Promote arrangements that provide inter-authority challenge and support to improve their services to children; and
  • Identify and share innovative and effective practice across London

We believe all children should experience good children’s services and that these services are the product of reflective practice and supervision, peer challenge and independent scrutiny, effective leadership and adequate resourcing. Good services reflect culture which is respectful of those who use services, values those who provide them and recognises that the best outcomes are delivered through genuine partnership with children and families.

LIIA is founded upon a Memorandum of Understanding agreed between all of London’s local authorities. 

What We Do

Working with our partners, LIIA encourages and supports the political and professional leadership and management of local authority children’s services to demonstrate, develop and share good practice. Our programmes support the development of children’s services as learning organisations, focusing on:

  • Identifying key strands of enquiry;
  • Analysing and comparing operational data about the services;
  • Using evidence to inform decisions, including evidence; available from outside the region, where relevant;
  • Using peer challenge and peer review;
  • Building leadership capacity and capability; and
  • Developing standards of practice through supportive endeavour

The LIIA Programme 2019-20 outlines the specific activities undertaken by local authorities, individually and collectively, to fulfil the aspiration for sector-led improvement in London.

Most recently we have worked with Research in Practice to produce our timely report: Learning from Lockdown. 

Check out ALDCS Chair Martin Pratt's blog (25/09/2020) on the ADCS website, where he reflects on these findings.

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Purpose of this Website

We have built this website to provide a central resource to the staff and Council members of the 33 contributing local authorities. This resource will also be of value to those who work alongside London children’s services departments and all those who have an interest in improvement and innovation in children’s services.

Please let Isabelle Gregory isabelle.gregory@basis.co.uk if you have any comments or suggestions for improvements to the website.

Access to Member (Restricted) Areas

Access to the password-protected 'Member' Areas is subject to the Data Sharing Protocol Annex to the Sector Led Improvement in London Memorandum of Understanding 2018-20 which has been signed by the Chair of the ALDCS on behalf of the participating London local authorities. 

Problems signing in to password-protected areas

If you have already been provided with a password and are experiencing difficulties in signing in, please contact administrator@liia.london.

Our Partners

LIIA has been established as part of the Association of Directors of Children’s Service (ADCS) commitment to develop a self-improving system which places sector-led approaches at the heart of practice development and improvement for children across England.

LIIA is London’s Regional Improvement and Innovation Alliance (RIIA) and works with the ADCS, London Councils, Department for Education, the Local Government Association (LGA), the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (SOLACE) and the eight other RIIA across the country to promote learning through collaboration which benefits children.

We are particularly grateful to our colleagues at the SE RIIA who have been so generous of their time and experience.

The Association of Directors of Children’s Services Ltd (ADCS) is the national leadership association in England for statutory directors of children’s services and their senior management teams.

The LGA is a politically-led, cross-party organisation that works on behalf of councils to ensure local government has a strong, credible voice with national government.

Solace (Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and Senior Managers) is the representative body for senior strategic managers working in the public sector.

London Councils, our host organisation, is the local government association for Greater London, England. It is a cross-party organisation that represents London's 32 borough councils and the City of London.