LIIA Annual Plan

Our plan is divided by project type: LIIA CoreLIIA Targeted ProjectsSEND

LIIA Core 



Specific Deliverables​

Outcomes for children​

Peer Challenge & Review​


Data Insight​

Challenge review and practice development to provide improved self-knowledge for LAs and identified steps for improvement. ​

Capturing common themes and learning for sub-regional and pan-London activity. Developing a toolkit for peer review to enable LAs to take forward exercise independently. ​

Five Sub Regional Peer Challenge events. Two Peer Reviews annually.

Effective practice sharing and learning to improve service delivery, inspection judgements and outcomes for children.  ​

Networks and Boards​



Support, facilitate, administrate, and add value to various networks and boards aligned to LIIA’s priorities for ALDCS. ​

Effective practice sharing and learning to improve services for children. Collaboration to make impact on agreed priorities. ​

Quarterly Benchmarking ​

Data Insight​

Deliver benchmarking data on a quarterly basis to incorporate the ADCS 24 changes into the data model and support and facilitate the returns from London LA data partners. ​

Improved strategy and providing insights to LAs. ​

LIIA Summit

Collaboration, Innovation

​Host LIIA Summit in Autumn 2022

​Representing the impact of pan-London collaboration

Influencing the National agenda with pan-London agreement.​

LIIA Targeted projects 



Specific Deliverables​

Outcomes for children​

Care Leavers’ Compact

Innovation, collaboration, data insight

Agreements across transport, housing, health, leisure, mentoring, and ETE for London’s care leavers.  

Improved life chances for some of London’s most vulnerable young adults though a consistent and high-quality offer of support.




Support ICS transformation ​and engagement, and support resource arrangements

Strategic influence and improved integration in the development of the ICSs so we can jointly improve outcomes for children.




Specific Deliverables

Outcomes for children

Improving outcomes for children with ASD/SEMH

Data Insight​

Innovation ​


Research experiences of children with ASD/SEMH. ​

Commissioning services for children with ASD/SEMH. ​

Improvement in local pathways, provision and outcomes for children with ASD/SEMH. ​

Jointly commissioned services, both across London and in partnership with Health. ​

Developing a Data Dashboard for London

Data Insight​


Take a phased approach to creating a data dashboard​

Raise awareness and increase use of existing data tools and systems. ​

Detailed knowledge of the SEND cohorts and data to support ALDCS members in delivering services. This will improve the quality of care for children with SEND. ​

SEND Summit 2022


Peer Challenge and Review​



Hold SEND Summit in 2022 with pan-London participation. The summit will gather feedback on the National SEND Green Paper. ​

Influencing the National SEND agenda with pan-London agreement.​


ICS Engagement

Collaboration ​


Engage ALDCS in pan-London approach. ​

Develop links with good practice nationally e.g. West Yorkshire and Harrogate ICS. ​

Hold SEND focused meetings with each ICS to review developing strategies for SEND. ​

Develop system maps with two ICSs, setting out approach to SEND, key priorities and links with wider ICS system.​

Promote system maps to all ICSs through dissemination workshop. ​

Strategic influence in the development of the ICSs so we can jointly improve outcomes for children with SEND. ​

Improved integration of offer including therapies, mental health support and early assessments. ​

Preparation for adulthood



Peer Review​

Develop Preparation for Adulthood practice in six local authorities​

Shape Preparation for Adulthood Conference.​

Complete a Peer Review on Preparation for Adulthood. ​

Improved employment opportunities, housing and quality of life for children, young people and adults with SEND. ​