Meet the LIIA Team

Ben Byrne is the Strategic Lead for Innovation and Improvement for the London Directors of Children’s Services.  This involves work across all 33 authorities to better help and protect London’s children and families. He has worked as a social worker and probation officer in London and the South East of England and has led services for young people, families, and early help, as well as being a former youth offending team manager. Ben’s work is particularly associated with developing integrated, restorative and relational ways of working with adolescents.

Ben is a trustee of the National Association for Youth Justice and served as a member of the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales from 2018-2021, where he led on the development of the ‘child first’ principle. Ben has published works in relation to youth justice and safeguarding young people.

Ben is also a published author, recently releasing his debut novel 'Hidden Harm' influenced by his significant experience and expertise from a career in social work. a percentage of the proceeds from this book will be out towards funding charities focused on addressing key themes addressed in the book.

Karla Goodman is the Practice Lead for LIIA and leads our Your Choice Programme. This involves responsibility for implementation, oversight, co-ordination and quality assurance of the Your Choice Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Programme across the London region.

Karla is a Forensic Psychologist with a Doctorate from University of Nottingham, and with a background in practice working within Youth Justice in both London and the South East, Karla is passionate about providing accessible, evidence based interventions that meet those in need where they are at rather than the other way around. She has a desire to contribute to creating a more compassionate world, where individuals are able to contribute to and are embraced within their communities, helping them discover their own purpose.

Karla is very active in her personal life and is always hiking, running, climbing or skiing, often partipating in charity events and raising money for causes close to her heart.

Rashid Jussa is the Strategic Intelligence Lead for LIIA  leads, plans, develops and delivers the LIIA intelligence and data analysis offer providing data reporting analysis, insight and intelligence support to the ALDCS LIIA programme.  

Rashid works closely with all London local authorities to support the ALDCS improvement priorities and develop a LIIA intelligence and data function that provides high level expertise, methodologies and tools to support the effective use of data in sector-led improvement, policy, development, commissioning and service delivery.   

Rashid is driven to make better use of the data we’ve already got, developing things within the sector for use by the sector. Taking incremental, frequent steps to make a big difference. He is has an ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management and has built his highly regarded reputation in the sector through putting together and leading the project that conceived, developed and delivered the Children’s Analysis Tool (ChAT) – that is now used by Ofsted and all but one LA in England. He is also Chair of the National Performance & Information Managers group (NPIMG). Co-Chair of the London Information & Exchange Group (LIEG – children’s) and Chair of the external delegates of the DfE Starchamber Scrutiny Group.

Rashid is passionate about learning new things, drinking fine wine, equestrian sports, Newcastle United, playing guitar and learning Italian. 


Matthew Raleigh is Programme Lead for LIIA and is responsible for co-ordinating and delivering the Sector-Led Improvement (SLI) programme, working with Directors of Children’s Services, Senior Officers and Services across the London region. Matt works closely with all London local authorities to support the ALDCS improvement priorities and ensures effective stakeholder involvement, consultation and communication relating to the programme. Matthew has also facilitated the development of the Leadership in Colour Reference Group, which brings together a talented group of ethnically diverse leaders from across London’s Children Services to develop anti-racist and disproportionality practices. 

Matthew has a BA in Community Justice Studies from University of Portsmouth and a Diploma in Probation Studies and take great pride in the outcomes he achieved for young people; being told, or shown, by vulnerable children and/or parents that I had helped their lives become safer and happier.  

Matthew first join the probation service due to an ethical belief that the UK imprisons more people than is necessary and that for many there are better and more effective community alternatives.  Over time, he became passionate about redressing the childhood harms and disadvantages that lead to poor adult outcomes, feeling this is the point where a more positive alternative lies.  He is driven by a sense of injustice that harms to children could be less, and opportunities greater, which continues to underlie his day-to-day work. 

Matthew's extensive background in the sector has seen him redesign and deliver services to better meet the needs of vulnerable adolescents.  In particular integrating services so that a multi-agency team with a varied and complimentary skill-set could meet the needs of children under one roof. He has managed teams to undertake difficult but vital safeguarding work in a climate of major change and anxiety within local government.  

In his spare time Matthew is a committed olympic weightlifter, a sport in which he now competes and articulates as 'joyous expression of timing and skill'. 

LIIA Consultants

Isabelle Gregory is a Consultant for LIIA and is responsible for managing the rollout of the Your Choice Programme; supporting the delivery of other programmes such as Peer Review and the London Accommodation Pathfinder as well as helping to promote LIIA's work more broadly through her extensive network and expertise and collaborative working.

As a senior management professional with Director-level experience (Executive and non-executive), Isabelle is a highly regarded specialist in the development of social investment and social impact bonds and is a passionate advocate for transforming public expenditure away from cost of failure to investment in success.

Isabelle is committed to helping young people flourish, and her expertise and unwaivering energy has established her as a critical member of the team both generally and in delivering the Your Choice programme, which she personally named.

Isabelle does much outside of LIIA to push the agenda for children and young people and personally takes great joy from young people's energy and creativity, holding a strong belief that young people will make the world a better place. She is also an active netball player and a proud and longstanding member of a South London team.

Frank Offer is the Commissioning and SEND Lead for LIIA. The Commissioning workstream involves developing and managing a programme of pan-London collaborative commissioning to achieve better value for money and improved outcomes for children. The SEND programme involves developing pan-London collaborative developments and along with improving commissioning, there is a focus on service delivery and practice pan-London to improve outcomes for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). 

Frank has a background as a teacher and has gone on to deliver commissioning change programmes with multi-million pound savings and improved outcomes for children across the country from Nottinghamshire to London. He has led innovations in prevention that have achieved 90% improvements in outcomes for children and his work embeds a partnership and child-centred approach. 

Frank is driven by the difference the LIIA team can make in children and young people’s lives and has a Doctorate from Brunel University which focused on young people’s perspectives on barriers to participation in education, training and employment and how to overcome them, along with an MBA from Kingston University and BSc from University College London. 

Frank is a keen painter and writer in his personal life, with a particular interest in writing for young adults.