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Introductory Summary for this project or initiative.

Content here is unlikely to change regularly



Governance & Reports


Put here links to any documents or reports that relate to governance of the project or workstream.


This could include ToR, Board membership, Minutes from key meetings as well as any document agreements (eg Moc/Data Protcols etc).


If there are no relevant details for the particular project then enter 'Not Applicable' rather than leaving blank.

Content here is to provide the latest information, this is the section which should be reviewed regularly and updated.

When updating, check that content in:

  • Governance and Reports
  • Tools, Templates and Useful Links
  • Next Meeting
  • LIIA Contact Details*

are also up to date.


You can add links to other files, pages and reports in this section.  You can also add photos once these have been loaded to the Image Gallery which you can do from the admin menu

*The LIIA contacts can be chosen from a drop down menu.  If you need to edit any of the contact details - eg new phone number - go to Menu, then select Contacts and edit from there.

Next Meeting

You can add here details of the next meeting - dates, venue, times.  You can also add links here to agenda for forthcoming meetings but put links to any resulting minutes in the 'Governance and Reports' box above rather than here.


Type 'not applicable' rather than leave blank if there are no metings for the initiative.