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What is Your Choice?

Your Choice seeks to fill a practice gap by moving beyond understanding why a child may behave in a certain way to providing tools and techniques which practitioners can employ to help the child to keep themselves safe.

  • An approach to practice underpinned by CBT
  • Upskilling practitioners & young people alike; to take young people on journey of “guided discovery” and equip them with tools and techniques that can be useful in overcoming a range of psychological challenges
  • Recognises the importance of and commitment to consistency in relationships whilst providing accessible methods for clinical intervention
  • Provides access to clinical supervision to support practitioners understanding and formulation of young person’s presentation and associated plans

Your Choice will provide CBT additionality but work within the rich tapestry of existing theraputic delivery.

If successful, this ambitious programme will influence national and international practice and the programme therefore requires a robust evaluation mechanism to measure impact and outcomes of the approach. Work is ongoing with our evaluators (the Anna Freud Centre and the Institute for Fiscal Studies) to devise a proportionate randomised control trial of the programme, which does not distort practice or deny access to services. 

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Your Choice is a London-wide £10 million, 3-year programme that at its core seeks to reinterpret the use of CBT principles within current best practice in violence-reduction and related partnership approaches to effectively supporting children affected by extra-familial violence and related harms.

The Your Choice programme officially launched in December 2021, with over 200 attendees from 32 of our London Boroughs. We heard from Local Authority colleagues, Ben Linsday from Power the Fight, our colleagues from Violence Reduction Unit and our Project Sponsor, DCS Policy Lead Florence Kroll. 

"This programme has the opportunity to be quite transformational." 


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Provisional Programme Timeline

Below is our updated timeline against the programme and activities. We will continue to update and share iterations as the programme progresses.