Peer challenge and review

Peer challenge: relates to the opportunities for groups of local authorities to come together on an annual basis to scrutinise each other’s data self-evaluations in sub-regional clusters (three or four authorities). The learning from these events is collated at a sub-regional level and feeds into whole-London learning. Peer challenge can also take place in relation to specific areas of work such as the workforce peer challenge which has been undertaken following individual LA’s workforce self-evaluations. Outputs and resources relating to peer challenge can be found in the relevant sub-regional or thematic pages on the website.

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Activities and events

Peer challenges and reviews are currently underway and are shown at sub-regional level here.

A full listing of LIIA events can be viewed on the LIIA calendar.

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Peer review: in London peer reviews are undertaken in respect of a specific thematic priority. In the first year of the programme four pilot peer reviews are planned with a view to testing the methodology that LIIA has adopted. Peer reviews take place within one authority with two days of field work followed by a presentation on the third morning. The peer review team is led by a DCS or assistant director and made up of 4-6 colleagues with relevant skills, training and experience drawn from across London.

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LIIA Strategic Lead: Ben Byrne
LIIA Programme Lead: Matt Raleigh
LIIA Programme Manager: Rula Tripolitaki