About LIIA


The London Innovation and Improvement Alliance (LIIA) is the sector-led improvement partnership for ALDCS. We are hosted by London Councils. As a Regional Improvement and Innovation Alliance, we work with the Department for Education and eight other RIIAs across the country to promote learning, facilitate collaboration, enable governance, leverage investment and share best practice solutions for mutual benefit.


In 2019, ALDCS identified four priority areas for concerted, co-ordinated action, due to the scale of the current challenge for London’s children’s services in these four areas. The priorities are:




Working Together


London boroughs children’s services have a proud record of improving the lives of London’s children and a wealth of experience of working with children from all of London’s diverse communities.


There is a collective recognition across London boroughs that improved outcomes, a better experience for children and sustainable services in the future can only be achieved through the systematic collaboration that LIIA embodies, with our unwavering focus on London-wide solutions that positively impact children’s services and the lives of children and young people. 



Success Measures


These are the results we aim to achieve for children’s service in London’s boroughs and for children and young people across London.






Our Governance


We are founded upon a Memorandum of Understanding agreed between all of London’s local authorities. We are funded by local authority subscription and DfE grant.


Securing funding for London's Children

LIIA have been instrumental in securing funding for London’s borough, bringing 33 authorities together to collaboratively drive improvement and innovation for children across the capital.

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Reach out to the LIIA Team if you wish to discuss any of our projects and areas of work in more detail.