Developing new residential placements - local case studies 

 New residential children's home opened in Greenwich in record time during the COVID-19 pandemic


The Children’s Home opened in Greenwich was a direct forward thinking response to the unprecedented national emergency caused by the Covid-19 global pandemic. In usual times, identifying suitable placements for children who come into the care of the Council can be challenging.  With the anticipated pressure on all local authorities of a simultaneous rising need for placements because of the impact of Covid-19 upon families and care providers it was anticipated that this would become more difficult.

There is limited provision available for placements at little or no notice and particularly so for adolescents.  These residential placements are very expensive.  Greenwich’s new home was recognised for its potential to offer a valuable local means to provide emergency immediate care for children unable to be with their families or for those already in our care where their current placement has broken down.

This was reflected in the eventual intake with the Home supporting 7 young people. 


While the project has been challenging it has also delivered significant benefits to Greenwich, which will be taken forward in its development of an adolescent residential assessment unit on a new site.  The impact has included:


You can read here a detailed write-up of how the team at Greenwich identified and met a range of challenges to open the home. If you would like more information, please contact David Borland (